Sunday, May 1, 2011

10 Ideas for Placing Scrapbook Journaling on Your Page


10 Ideas for Placing Scrapbook Journaling on Your Page
by Debbie Hodge
Do you plan out where to put your scrapbook page journaling as you start a page? Or do you figure it out as you go? Or do you reach the end and say: “Yikes! I don’t have any room for my journaling?” I do all three. You’d think I’d get in a habit of some planning since I usually have a lot of journaling to include. Several scrapbook page ideas for your journaling follow.

1. Put your scrapbook journaling on a tag.

2. Put your journaling on your background canvas or mat.

3. Put your journaling on photos.

4. Put your journaling on a piece of paper layered into your design.

5. Put your journaling on strips.

6. Put your journaling on extended photo mats.

7. Put your journaling along the edge of and around other photos and elements.

8. Place your scrapbook page journaling to create a border.

9. Hide your scrapbook page journaling.

10. Put your scrapbook page journaling anywhere you can!

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