Friday, November 22, 2013

Fall Craft Weekend - Gifts

The other day I shared some pictures of the guests at Barbara Lash's My Star Stampers Craft Weekend.  Today, I want to show you what is given to all that attend this fun filled weekend!

The event starts with a small committee that comes up with ideas for Welcome gifts, Pillow gifts for every night and a great big Thank You gift for joining us on such a fun weekend!

The little elves at the Beachmere Inn sneak into the guests room every night and places a gift on their pillows!  How awesome is that!  

Here are all the goodies!  ENJOY!

Welcome gift: Water Bottles with a peppermint pattie

Friday Nights Pillow Gift.  A sugar cookie that says "I "Heart" Stamps.

Saturday Nights Pillow Gift.  A chocolate holder, inside there was fish chocolates and dark chocolate, yum!

Sunday Nights Pillow Gift.  A tea bag holder, in it was a yummy tea bag.

Here is the guests Thank You Gift, a 2014 Desk Top Calendar!


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the knitting turtle said...

Awesome, unexpected treats......I saved mine for "Show and Tell!"